How Do We Produce Melamine MDF Board

All the boards which using melamine Laminate technology can be called melamine boards. Common melamine board based with MDF board, particleboard, and plywood. Melamine MDF board, as the name implies, is based of MDF.

Usually, when we talk about Melamine boards, we talk about Laminates and baseboards. But in fact is much more complex. Laminate is generally composed of ① surface paper, ②decorative paper, ③cover paper, and ④bottom paper.

  • ① The surface paper is placed on the top layer of the decorative board. It protects the decorative paper and makes the surface of the board after heating and pressing highly transparent. The board surface is hard and abrasion-resistant. This paper requires good water absorption, white and clean, and transparent after dipping.
  • ② Decorative paper, that is, wood grain paper, is an important part of the decorative board. It has a base color or no base color and is printed into various patterns of decorative paper. It is placed under the surface paper and mainly plays a decorative role. This layer requires Paper has good hiding power, impregnation, and printing performance.
  • ③ Cover paper, also called titanium white paper, is generally placed under decorative paper when manufacturing light-colored decorative boards to prevent the underlying phenolic resin from penetrating the surface. Its main function is to cover the color spots on the surface of the substrate. Therefore, good coverage is required. The above three types of paper were each impregnated with melamine resin.
  • ④ Bottom paper is the base material of the decorative board. It plays a role in the mechanical properties of the board. It is made by impregnating with phenolic resin glue and dried. Several layers can be determined according to the application or the thickness of the decorative board during production.
To turn the papers to laminates, we need to impregnating them in melamine resins.
impregnating step for laminates

Now we have Melamine Laminates, we use a hot press machine to laminated it with MDF Board.

Hot press to produce melamine paper

That’s how the melamine MDF board be produced.

The Impregnating Process normally finished by the laminates factory, then we buy melamine laminates from them and produce melamine Paper.

You can also view this video to see how it works.

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