Difference Between Varnish High Gloss And UV High Gloss MDF Board

High Gloss MDF boards are widely used in our life. Especially for contractors and furniture manufacturers. In the market, we have mainly 2 types of High Gloss MDF board: UV high gloss and varnish High Gloss.

They look almost same with top surface.(Below Left is varnish one, right is UV one)

varnish MDF board
UV MDF Board

So how do you distinguish them from the outside? You can check your board from the side-view. Varnish surface is a thin layer, and UV coating is thicker, which can be seen very clearly.

To study their different, we can start with production:

UV MDF Board:  It’s acrylic UV coating paint on melamine MDF Board, then use UV machine to cure and shape it. As we no need to wait for dry, the production are easier.

Vanish MDF Board: It’s vanish on top of melamine MDF board, then drying. 

Abrasion and corrosion resistance of UV skins are usually stronger, but some color like white — it’s easy to change to yellow. This is because UV skin is very sensitive to light.

Generally speaking, with the same pattern and same color, UV MDF board are more expensive than varnish. From Dake Group, the price difference will be around $0.9/side.

High Gloss surface are easy to clean, but also easy to get dirty and scratch. So we will put a cover film on the high gloss surface to protect it.