Medium Density Fiberboard

    Medium Density Fiberboard is made with mixed wood fiber and binder. It’s a very popular material instead of solid wood.  

    Because the wood fiber is evenly distributed in the MDF Panels, it is very friendly to rear-end processing such as cut, carve. And its’ high surface flatness makes it the most selected as the base material for decoration panels. We supply MDF Board in E0, CARB P2/EPA, E1, E2.

    DAKE GROUP owns two brands for MDF Boards. One is HUQIAN, which targets a high-quality product and market. One is KEEBING, which target is good quality, suitable for some client who with to get a cheaper but good product.

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    over 10 years more experience in medium-density fiberboard. With its own lab. MDF panel thickness from 1mm to 40mm, standard size & Nonstandard size. We can provide CARB, FSC Certificate as request.


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