Film Faced Plywood

Film Faced Plywood is well known as shuttering plywood. The board is mostly be used in construction. Due to clients’ demands and different countries required, we simply divide it into 4 grades.

Take 18 mm plywood as an example:
Recycled Material – One-time hot press – reused 1-2 time/3-4 times
Fresh Poplar Material – One-time hot press – reused 8-10 times
Fresh Poplar Material – Two-time hot press – reused 12-14 times
Customized – PVC surface -reused 30-40 times or more

Clear Needs Of Your Shuttering Plywood

SURFACE: The most common surface for Film faced plywood is Black Film or Brown Film surface. But also some clients choose Red, yellow, Green color film. Besides colors, some customers will also have non-slip requirements and LOGO printing requirements.

THICKNESS: This totally depends on the client’s needs. We’d like to know clear of your thickness and size needs.

REUSE TIMES: This depends on thickness, material, and press times. If you don’t have special demands, normally choose from our standard. If you do have special demands such as 30 times above, just let us know your demand and we will find away.


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